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Real estate is a key economic driver for the DC Metropolitan area, and no one knows that better than Odin Feldman Pittleman. For 50 years, our commercial real estate and land use lawyers have built an outstanding reputation for structuring, facilitating, negotiating, financing and closing deals, pursuing entitlements and establishing development rights, acting as local counsel and planning projects tailored to the client’s specific needs in the DC metropolitan region and beyond.

Whether you’re a builder or developer needing assistance with assembling, acquiring, rezoning or developing a parcel of land, a business seeking a lease, or a property owner looking to buy, sell or finance your assets, our real estate attorneys have the skills you need to achieve your goals.

Our clients rely on us to effectively maximize yield on vital business assets, identify and manage risk, and advise on complex legal issues. We work with clients on a variety of commercial real estate matters in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and nationwide.

Areas of Concentration

Purchase and Sale Transactions

Navigating commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions requires a seasoned team who understands  the complexities involved. At Odin Feldman Pittleman, we recognize the multifaceted nature of these transactions, which often involve intricate legal, financial, and market considerations. From due diligence and negotiation, to documentation and closing, our dedicated professionals bring a wealth of experience to the table and are adept at addressing the challenges inherent in commercial real estate deals.

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Land Use and Planning

Odin Feldman Pittleman’s Land Use and Planning capabilities extend across the Northern Virginia area and a spectrum of projects of varying scope and scale. From small-scale developments to large, complex initiatives, our team leverages a deep understanding of local and state regulations to guide clients through the particulars of land entitlement. Whether it involves a rezoning or zoning appeal, a special exception, use permit or variance, a zoning opinion or interpretation, FDPs or CDPs, crafting proffers, site plans or other development plans, zoning due diligence, or other entitlements or zoning evaluation, our experts bring a comprehensive and strategic approach to every project. With a track record of success in diverse industries, we empower clients to realize their vision while ensuring compliance with the ever-evolving landscape of land use regulations. At Odin Feldman Pittleman, our dedication to excellence transcends project size, making us a trusted partner for all your land use and planning needs.

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Odin Feldman Pittleman stands as a premier provider of commercial real estate development counsel and services, offering a holistic approach to guide clients through the development process. Our attorneys excel in providing strategic advice and legal expertise at every stage, from initial conception to project completion. We specialize in navigating the complexities of subdivision, site planning, permitting, post-zoning approvals, bonding and bond release, proffer compliance, easements, and development agreements, ensuring that each phase of development aligns seamlessly. . Recognizing the unique challenges inherent in developing commercial real estate, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our clients, fostering successful and sustainable developments.

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Our Commercial Real Estate attorneys bring a wealth of expertise to the world of commercial leasing. Renowned for their extensive knowledge and experience, our legal professionals are well-versed in the nuances of negotiating and structuring retail, office, industrial, cell tower, ground and all other commercial lease agreements for both landlords and tenants. From crafting terms that align with the unique objectives of landlords and tenants to navigating complex legal frameworks, our attorneys provide invaluable counsel. With a keen understanding of market trends and a proactive approach to addressing potential challenges, our team ensures that commercial leasing transactions are conducted with precision and foresight. Clients can trust the comprehensive expertise of Odin Feldman Pittleman’s attorneys to safeguard their interests and optimize the value of their commercial real estate assets through strategic and well-informed leasing practices.

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Condominium and Community Association Formation

Our attorneys are committed to guiding clients through the intricacies of creating thriving and harmonious living communities. Our experienced legal team excels in navigating the complexities of the common interest community formation process, offering comprehensive support in drafting governing documents, establishing effective governance structures, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Whether it’s a condominium, homeowners’ or commercial owners association, or a mixed-use development, our attorneys bring a wealth of expertise to tailor solutions that align with the unique needs and objectives of our clients. With a focus on fostering sustainable and well-managed communities that stand the test of time, Odin Feldman Pittleman stands as a trusted partner in the successful formation and governance of condominiums and community associations.

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Title and Survey Matters

Our seasoned team of legal professionals meticulously examines and assesses title documents and surveys, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and alignment with our clients needs. Whether it involves conducting comprehensive due diligence for an acquisition, financing or development, analyzing and resolving title defects, or addressing boundary disputes, our attorneys employ a detail-oriented approach to safeguard clients’ interests. With a keen understanding of the potential impact on property rights and transactions, we proactively identify and mitigate risks, fostering confidence and certainty in every aspect of the title and survey process.

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Real Estate Tax Appeals

Odin Feldman Pittleman is a trusted advocate for clients seeking resolution in commercial real estate tax appeals. Our attorneys are experts at navigating property tax matters, providing strategic counsel and representation to property owners and developers. We conduct thorough assessments of property valuations, scrutinize assessment methodologies, and leverage our in-depth knowledge of tax laws to identify opportunities for appeal. Through meticulous analysis and persuasive advocacy, we craft compelling cases to challenge and rectify unjust tax assessments. Whether through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or formal appeals, our goal is to secure fair and equitable property tax outcomes for our clients.

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Our seasoned team of legal professionals understands construction projects and is dedicated to providing comprehensive support. From contract negotiations and project inception to dispute resolution and litigation, we employ a proactive approach to identify potential issues and mitigate risks. Our attorneys excel in negotiating favorable resolutions, whether through mediation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. In instances where litigation becomes necessary, our team brings formidable courtroom experience to protect our clients’ interests. With a focus on fostering successful and timely project completion, Odin Feldman Pittleman’s commercial real estate practice is committed to delivering tailored and effective counsel for construction matters.

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Workouts and Foreclosures

Our attorneys adeptly manage workouts and foreclosures, demonstrating a commitment to navigating complex financial situations with diligence and strategic acumen. Our experienced legal team collaborates closely with clients facing challenges in their real estate investments, offering tailored solutions to address distressed assets and financial difficulties. We guide clients through workout negotiations, striving for mutually beneficial resolutions that mitigate risks and preserve value. In instances where foreclosure becomes a necessary course of action, our attorneys leverage their extensive expertise to navigate the legal intricacies involved.

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Odin Feldman Pittleman is a recognized authority in handling property condemnations and eminent domain matters, showcasing a dedicated and comprehensive approach to assisting clients. Our attorneys navigate the legal landscape associated with condemnations and eminent domain matters, ensuring that clients are well-informed and properly represented throughout the process. From evaluating government actions to negotiating just compensation, our attorneys leverage their deep expertise to protect property owners’ rights and interests. We understand the emotional and financial impact of condemnations and work tirelessly to secure fair and equitable outcomes.

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Representative Matters

  • Represented tenant in 10,000-square-foot medical office sale and leaseback to major regional national health care provider.
  • Assisted landowners, county staff, and two contract purchasers in amending the county’s Comprehensive Plan, clearing the path to development of new data centers while preserving a significant portion of the land for parks and open space.
  • Obtained zoning approval from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to enable a church and a real estate developer to work together to create 95 apartment units for lower income seniors.
  • Represented a transit authority in its expansion of light rail across a 23-mile intercounty stretch of land, drafting, negotiating, distributing, and finalizing real estate agreements required to greenlight the project.
  • Represented borrower in a $65 million commercial mortgage-backed securities loan transaction.
    Represented Landlord in 20,000-square-foot office lease to Fortune 500 technology and communications company.
  • Represented a rising real estate investment company, advising on and establishing new business structures and managing ongoing transactions as the company grows and attracts local, national, and international investors.
  • Represent landowners in condemnation negotiations and eminent domain proceedings.
  • Represent emerging business in leasing multiple of restaurants spaces in multiple jurisdictions of the DMV.
  • Negotiate and draft historical preservation and open space/conservation easements acceptable to the Virginia Department of Historical Resources, the American Battlefield Protection Program and the Land Trust of Virginia.
  • Represented purchaser in the acquisition of a retail shopping center in Fairfax.
  • Represented owner in the acquisition and development of three office buildings in Fairfax City and Fairfax and Loudoun counties, including obtaining rezoning, special exception approval, site plan approval and building permits.
  • Represented government contractor in the lease of 40,000 square foot high-security office space.
  • Participated as counsel and as a principal in the rezoning, land development, site plan and subdivision approval for a 106-acre industrial park.
  • Represented the owner in the ground lease and redevelopment of a city block for a mixed-use project.

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