Business Entity Formation

Business Attorneys

Legal, tax and financial issues are common obstacles when starting a business. The attorneys at Odin Feldman Pittleman work with our clients and explain tax implications, any concerns about liability and identification, and any financial reporting obligations that a business entity may be subject to. We assist clients with forming their businesses in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and throughout the United States.

Our attorneys assist clients in the selection of an appropriate business structure: S corporations, C corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), professional limited liability companies (PLLCs), partnerships, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, nonprofit organizations and joint ventures.

For clients who form corporations, we create articles for business matters like organizational minutes, bylaws, incorporation and shareholder agreements to establish procedures that pertain to stock transfer limitations, corporate governance, methods of reporting and provisions for resolving disputes. We handle these matters with the idea of realizing the specific goals of business owners and managers and processes relating to corporate governance, stock transfer restrictions, reporting mechanisms and dispute resolution provisions that ensure the achievement of the specific goals of the owners and managers of the business. We also review our client’s existing estate plan to ensure the stipulations surrounding a company’s incorporation articles and bylaws work with any related succession plans.

When clients need help forming partnerships or LLCs, we can create certificates of formation, partnership and operating agreements and articles of organization to shed light on how their business can function in the future.

Knowing that businesses change over time in response to market conditions, we create ongoing consultative relationships with clients.