Transactional Assistance

Corporate Attorneys

The attorneys of Odin Feldman Pittleman draft contracts and agreements for transactions to allow businesses to run smoothly, including the following:

  • Employment-related transactions, including nondisclosure agreements, noncompete agreements, nonsolicitation agreements, employee offer letters and employee handbooks
  • Contracts for customers, vendors, suppliers and clients; terms and conditions for purchase orders; collaboration agreements; and teaming agreements
  • Technology-related transactions, including license agreements regarding software and technology, software and technology development agreements, and agreements for website development as well as research and development
  • Marketing-related transactions, including marketing and co-branding agreements and website hosting agreements
  • Real estate-related transactions, including commercial leases and subleases, lease assignments and other documents required in connection with the leasing of office and business space
  • Commercial lending and borrowing transactions, including loan and security agreements, deeds of trust, mortgages, promissory notes, bridge loans, guaranties, pledges, collateral assignments, warrants and other equity kickers