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OFP Covid-19 Articles 

OFP’s COVID Response Team is ready to assist clients, businesses and individuals as the world adjusts to the disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our attorneys are prepared to help you find creative solutions that help you weather these unprecedented times.

Response Team Lead Attorney: Bruce Blanchard
Direct Dial:703-218-2100


Employment issues (Examples: temporary salary reductions, furloughs and termination of employees)
Marina Burton Blickley Direct Dial: 703-218-2100

Business impacts of the CARES Act
Craig Franco Direct Dial: 703-218-2100

Bankruptcy and business wind downs
Don King Direct Dial: 703-218-2100
Brad Jones Direct Dial:703-218-2100
Alex Laughlin Direct Dial: 703-218-2100

Lease and Real Property Issues (Examples: rent abatements, tenant defaults and go-dark issues)
Ellen Sharpe Direct Dial: 703-218-2100
Jennifer Banks Direct Dial: 703-218-2100

Business-related insurance claims (Examples: business interruption, force majeure, health insurance and liability claims for ill staff and clients)
Craig Franco Direct Dial: 703-218-2100

Dave Gutkowski Direct Dial:703-218-2100

Health concerns related to COVID-19 exposure (Examples: essential personal exposure, restaurants in operation, doctors’ offices and medical testing facilities)
Brian Abbott Direct Dial: 703-218-2100

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OFP Covid-19 Articles 

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