Litigation Attorneys

When all other paths to resolution have been exhausted and litigation becomes unavoidable, the trial attorneys of Odin, Feldman & Pittleman use their deep experience in the courtroom to secure a positive outcome and preserve our clients’ best interests.

Our attorneys have successfully tried thousands of cases over more than four decades. This significant experience, which distinguishes us from other firms, is in all aspects of litigation: trials, appeals, mediation and arbitration. We enjoy an excellent reputation in all local, state, and federal courts in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, as well as in state and Federal courts around the country. Indeed, we have intimate familiarity with the Virginia Circuit and Supreme Courts. We’re in court daily, prosecuting and defending cases, mediating, arbitrating, and handling appeals.

Our trial attorneys are equipped to handle what arguably is the fastest Federal court in the country, deemed the “Rocket Docket.”  The Rocket Docket is the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, whose speedy reputation attracts sophisticated parties looking for a swift resolution to their complex legal issues. Discovery and pre-trial practice happen at a pace that is uncomfortable for the uninitiated, but OF&P’s seasoned trial attorneys are right at home here.  Our team has successfully handled hundreds of complex cases in the Rocket Docket, and carries a strong reputation in this court.

Areas of Concentration

Our litigators are fearless, tenacious, and achieve positive results. We represent businesses of all types as well as governmental agencies on a broad range of litigation matters.

Practice Area Overview
Business and Commercial Litigation

OF&P’s bread and butter is its business and commercial litigation practice anchored by the region’s top trial attorneys. Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies, and our attorneys partner with their clients to understand the client’s litigation goals, and to reach them in the swiftest, most cost-effective way possible. Unlike many litigators, OF&P’s trial attorneys are comfortable going to trial if the case requires it. We are experts at alternative dispute resolution and negotiating favorable settlements, but should it be necessary to go to trial, this team has literally tried thousands of cases to judges and juries to obtain excellent results.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation

From mechanic’s liens and condemnation claims to rezoning and land use issues and real estate development litigation, our trial attorneys bring a wealth of experience and impressive track record of securing wins for our clients.

Intellectual Property and eCommerce Litigation

The Internet and electronic platforms have created a brave new world of rules and regulations, requiring clients to protect and defend their rights, their intellectual property and, ultimately, their reputations. Our intellectual property and eCommerce attorneys understand the unique business opportunities and obstacles presented by the Internet and are experienced with applying new and traditional legal principles to achieve our clients’ goals.

We have litigated many cases on emerging legal issues affecting eCommerce businesses, including the imposition of personal jurisdiction based upon a party’s Internet presence; the immunity afforded to website operators by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1996; and trademark issues in keyword advertising. We work collaboratively with clients to defend their trademarks, stave off unfair competition, and enforce and litigate copyrights.

Government Contracts and Municipal Litigation

In addition to their legal expertise, our attorneys – many of whom have experience as lawyers with our Armed Forces, as procurement officers or in other positions within the public sector—offer deep knowledge of how to work with government agencies, thereby helping them navigate with ease and confidence. At times, however, this means protecting our clients’ interests through prosecuting or defending bid protests before the Government Accountability Office, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the Small Business Administration Office of Hearings and Appeals.

We also represent clients in prosecuting or defending disputes before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals and the FAA Office of Hearing Appeals.

Trust and Estate Litigation

When corporate fiduciaries or beneficiaries face disputes related to the contest of wills, trusts or other similar instruments, our trust and estate litigators put to work years of knowledge and experience to preserve and enforce our client’s rights. Our trial team expertly challenges or defends clients’ wills or trusts, fiduciary actions or administration issues and represents your interests in guardianship or conservatorship matters.

Labor and Employment Litigation

As state and federal regulation of the workplace seems to proliferate, the number of employment-related disputes and claims tends to follow suit, making employment litigation inevitable for employers today. When litigation is unavoidable, we work closely with our clients to devise effective case management strategies and assist in seeking and implementing the appropriate and most effective method of employment dispute resolution. This approach enables us to advance your interests and create a strategy that seeks to avoid costly, protracted litigation.

Our labor and employment attorneys bring an exemplary record of accomplishment and successful defense of clients in a wide variety of labor and employment matters. We regularly represent clients in federal courts and federal administrative agencies nationwide. We bring a special expertise to matters pending in state and federal courts throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Click here to read more about how we can help resolve your issues.

White Collar Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Malpractice

When a business is suspected of, or charged with, a criminal offense, its principals need representation that’s immediate, responsive, and committed to the protection of the entity and its rights. Our criminal defense team is sensitive to our clients’ issues and zealous in their representation. We have extensive experience representing clients from the investigative and pre-indictment stage through trial in all areas of criminal law.


Litigation Attorneys

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