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Odin, Feldman & Pittleman, P.C. has an extensive Intellectual Property practice that includes services in copyright, trademark, and trade secret law. In 2011, Google identified our firm as their Go-To Law Firm® for IP law.

Our clients are predominantly located in Virginia, and we also work with businesses from across the United States.

Practice Area Overview
Copyright Law

Our IP attorneys work with clients on copyrights for various original and derivative works, including computer software, literary works, art, industrial and graphic design, and multimedia and audiovisual products. We assist clients with the following:

  • Registering copyrights
  • Performing title searches
  • Enforcing and litigating copyrights
  • Analyzing infringements and defending infringements
  • Negotiating agreements
  • Conducting copyright audits and due diligence investigations
  • Counseling on “work made for hire” issues
Trademark Law And Unfair Competition

Our IP attorneys work with clients to protect and defend their trademarks, assisting with the following:

  • Searching and selections clearance
  • Applications, prosecution and maintenance
  • Enforcement
  • Litigation for infringement, dilution, and unfair competition
  • Licensing
  • Due diligence
  • Representation at Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the International Trade Commission, as well as other proceedings

We also advise clients on trade dress infringement, false advertising, deceptive trade practices, passing off, counterfeit, and the Internet-specific areas of meta tags and hyperlinking without permission.

Trade Secrets

Our IP attorneys work with clients to protect their trade secrets and confidential information. They assist clients with the following:

  • Identifying trade secrets
  • Ensuring company’s protection program meets requirements of trade secret law
  • Establishing in-house procedures for handling trade secrets and preparing appropriate employment and confidentiality agreements
  • Negotiating the sale of commercially marketable trade secrets under favorable terms
  • Analyzing potential for adverse claims of trade secret misappropriation and advising on appropriate courses of action
  • Drafting nondisclosure, confidentiality, and non-competition agreements to protect trade secrets and confidential information and assisting with risk avoidance


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