Building a Harassment-Free Culture

Sexual harassment can happen in pharmacies, too. Here’s guidance on preventing it in your workplace.

Recent headlines, and the accompanying stories of alleged workplace sexual harassment, have prompted many employers to review their existing employment policies and practices to ensure they are responsive and effective. The “Me Too” responses in social media illustrate the broad scope of the issue. You may be wondering: what reasonable steps can you take as a responsible employer to help prevent sexual harassment and be prepared to respond if an employee comes to you with a complaint?

Here are some suggested best practices for you to consider adopting for your own workplace:

This article originally appeared in the February 2018 issue of America’s Pharmacist, published by the National Community Pharmacists Association, Alexandria, Va. Reprinted with permission.

Building a Harassment-Free Culture
AuthorFrances P. Dwornik, Esq.
Building a Harassment-Free Culture
AuthorMarina Burton Blickley, Esq.
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